Read this before contact me if you have any doubt.

What's a lease?

Leasing allows you to use the beat for one song, but the rights of the instrumental are still mine so I can keep selling that beat on my store.

What's the difference between WAV & MP3?

WAV have more quality than MP3, that's why it is expensive.

What's different in GOLD instrumentals?

That gold beats have more work than the regular ones because they have real instruments played.

Do you make custom beats with exclusive rights?

Of course, you can read about it in the navigation bar.

What does multitrack means?

It means that you will get the trackouts (stems) of the instrumental.

Do you offer other services?

Of course, I offer mixing and mastering services. You can read about it in the navigation bar.

What's the format of the files?

Once you download the files they will be RAR compressed so you have to uncompress them with winrar or similar freewares.

Which is the currency of the prices?

The prices are in USD (United States Dollar)

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